Today humanity's constantly rising requirements in energy are mainly satisfied on account of traditional fuel processing. Amount of this fuel is limited, and as a result, world will face serious energy problems. One day traditional energy storage generator will be exhausted, this fact makes people to find active retrieve of alternative (renewable) energy sources. One of the variants is wind power.

Peculiarities of wind generator use

Proper use of wind power generator allow to supply self-contained houses, production areas, retail areas, building groups or whole villages with electric energy. It is more economically profitable to establish wind generators in the places of high wind speed, relevant to huge open space, hilltop and head of a mountain, high points on coasts and at sea.

Wind energy use for receiving electricity affords many benefits:

  • It does not need fuel. Wind energy use requires cost mainly for fixing and execution of annual preventive work. The cost of derivable energy is very low.
  • It works permanently. Wind system is regulated automatically. It should not be constantly switched on and off as diesel engine. In the system of autonomous power supply Electricity stocks up on special accumulator. That is why energy is available at any time, not only when wind blows.
  • Quietness. Noise from wind power generators is widespread myth. Wind generators of high quality do not make noise more than wind blade twisting them.
  • Possibility of installation in the wide range of geographic latitude. In contrast to solar panels, wind generators can be fixed everywhere, where there is wind stability. Efficiency of wind power generators do not lower in high latitudes.
  • Productivity boosting in winter time. Unlike solar panels wind generators' productivity do not decrease in winter, but increase. As a rule, average wind speed at the same point is higher for 1-2 meter per second. It is important, because necessity in energy power is higher in winter.

"Kazakhstan Electro Complex" LLP implements:
Sale and mounting of wind generators, which are equipped by controllers of high functionality and reliability. It is often difficult for client to study out technical features in numerous types of equipments and decide what wind generator to buy. We help to give guidance in it, also considering all peculiarities of installation place. Individual matching of equipment set, installation method - for every client. Developed infrastructure and well-organized cooperation with suppliers allows us to achieve maximal operational efficiency. We organize complementary measures on rising dependability of wind machine, also its fixings, corrosion and ice protection. Our experience lets us promptly sort out arduous and substandard situations during installation. Integrated performance of all indispensable work. Capability to carry on work regardless of weather conditions. Initiatory learning process is conducted on system using.
We assist in solving incipient problems and supplementary consultation during exploitation.