"Kazakhstan Electro Complex" LLP together with BISOL Group (Republic of Slovenia) and "Kemont" JSC (Kazakhstan), tailor made by "Samruk-Energo" JSC implemented project "Construction of solar power station" with capacity of 2 MW in Kapshagay town". Currently construction of solar power station is the biggest project in production quantities in Kazakhstan, where advanced manufacturing sciences (70% fixed and 30% following-up system) and the most efficacious establishment will be used. Power Station will let us use solar resources for provision of growing requirements of Almaty region in electric energy and power capacity and will improve environmental condition with the help of applied "green" technologies. Our company carries on active development in this new and perspective trend. We have signed the number of contracts with European companies – suppliers of solar panels. "Kazakhstan Electro Complex" LLP implements elaboration and adoption of energy supply projects on the base of solar complexes of any power-consuming objects: farm enterprises, economic entities, residential villages and other. Our engineers measure input power and together with you work out energy project system for your objects, selecting energy parameters, dimensions, modules, capacity and other characteristics, they will help optimally dispose power plant. Our specialists can come to the place of objects, develop project set, implement mounting of equipment and subsequent service. Sunlight energy is a way to independence!