Our construction projects

148505561During the operation of Company, Electric Installation work has been done on many unique objects and industrial establishments in Almaty, Astana and other cities of our country.

The projects in Almaty

  • Major overhaul of "National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan" SI (Almaty city);
  • Technical structure and Business Centre "Kar-Tel" Beeline LLP (Almaty); "Domilion" Shopping and Entertainment Centre (Almaty);
  • Emergency hospital for 350 beds (Almaty);
  • The new building of air traffic control tower of "Kazaeronavigation"RNE in Almaty;
  • Installation of windmill electric generating unit in "Shymbulak" natural landmark (Almaty); Reconstruction of the cinemas "Arman" and "Cesar" (Almaty);
  • Business center "Hermes" (Almaty);
  • Summer aqua park with year-round pavilion and electrical illumination of CCaLP named after Gorky (Almaty);
  • Amusement Park - "Fantasy World Ayia" installation of lightning protection;
  • and also companies, banks, business centers' offices, housing estates, shopping centers.

The projects in Astana

  • Complex of leisure projects "Duman" in the area of city park (Astana);
  • The main square of new administrative center (Astana);
  • Highway network of civil engineering works of the left bank (Astana);
  • Reconstruction of airport landing-strip (Astana); Cinema "Сinema Сity" (Astana);
  • Recreational area on Vyacheslav reservoir (Astana);
  • Office block KEGOC (Astana);
  • Housing estates, bank offices, pumping plants.

The projects in other cities

Installing of high-latitude Meteorological Mast for Wind Potential Power Monitoring on Kazakhstan's territory:

  • Korday highway (Almaty-Bishkek);
  • Zhuzumdyk (village Chayan); Fort-Shevchenko (Mangistau region);
  • Karabotan (Atyrau region);
  • Kargaly (Karagandy region);
  • Emertau (Akmola region);
  • Arkalyk (Kostanay region);
  • and other.