One of the perspective trend development of our company is lightning protection. Electro technical measures, aimed at provision of buildings and residential structures from entry hazard of atmospheric electricity (It is called lightning protection of buildings and facilities) to impact zone are quite serious procedures, demanding profound scientific approach and specific technical resolutions.
First and foremost, it is necessary to elaborate scheme, then to carry out work and do grounding mat calculation in that way, in order to guarantee all scheme of construction and building energy supply from voltage differential, which is able to put out of action electric wiring at home, because on wrong computation, grounding mat just will not work, and from lightning stroke, at least - breakdown of all electric wiring and fire are guaranteed. Provision of object's grounding mat is entire science. To be able to compute grounding mat in that way, in case of thunderbolt, to have all object's electric wiring provided with peculiar "canal" for atmospheric electricity discharge into ground is a process , which should be started in the very beginning of building design, because there is a diversity of particular technological requirements, which can be provided only at initial stage of all power network installing. Grounding mat calculation of multistory buildings is done with considerably less errors than grounding mat computation of private construction, as multistory block of flats have standard method developed in accordance with State All-Union Standard requirements and norms, which have to be calculated newly every time, taking into account all technological requirements and norms. Our highly professional specialists, whose specificity is lightning protection of buildings and constructions, usually commit the order "turnkey", so our specialists accomplish all work on projecting, calculation and installing of all schemes of electro technical provision in building and constructions. Trust grounding mat calculation to professionals!
"Kazakhstan Electro Complex" LLP is able to calculate and execute all work package on electric wiring projecting and mounting in a concrete building considering necessity of complex presence, in which grounding mat and general lightning protection of buildings and constructions are included. Moreover, you can order our company project assessment of grounding mat (all electro technical wiring of building and construction) regardless of the fact that, who will conduct actually electric wiring installing during work progress and finishing operations in building. The company vouches for execution of all complex both project and installation work at high, professional level, considering all specificity of constructive decision in conformity to concrete construction.