We represent fences and palings of premium class on Kazakhstan market - optimum combination of protective and decorative functions. As for durability, our fences yield to neither brick nor stone fences, as they are made from high grade steel on the equipment of leading European producers.

Fence installation of panel sort is done much more quicker and simpler than construction of any major fence.


  • Sectional
  • Modular fences


  • Cottage villages;
  • Fences for railway and motor road;
  • Park areas;
  • Fences of industrial objects;
  • Administration buildings and territory;
  • Sport objects and areas;
  • Parking lot and Automobile sales centers;
  • Airports;
  • Fences of Depot acreages.


  • Reliability and quality;
  • High color resistance;
  • It does not require service;
  • Installation simplicity;
  • Coating guarantee not less than 10 years

Sectional beveled fences

svarnoiHigh quality fences made in Russia, competent agreeable to all modern standards. Fences are made from hot-galvanized wire, also with the help of immersion method of complete product into the bath with hot zinc. Fences have UNIQIE surface preparation in Russia, consisted of 9 phases, on account of it, greatest high corrosion resistance is reached. Then powder polymerous paint (architectural series with high atmosphere resistance) is inked on preliminary prepared surface.



Modular fences

modulniyМModular fences are from shaped sheet, agreeable to the different customer requirements from Premium prior to economy class. All shapes are made from cold-rolled and hot-galvanized steel, which allows to exploit fences up to 50 years!!

Depending on packaging arrangement, modular fences can be divided into economy, standard, premium and premium plus classes. Modular fences are new opportunities and minimal expenditures during fence elevation in private ownership and cottage construction. Modular fences will be interesting to those developers, who are not indifferent to high quality at a reasonable price, who appreciate, first of all, reliability, practicability and aesthetically beautiful view.

The quality of our produce is beyond comparison!

Trade written guarantee for outer form up to 10 years!

Serviceability up to 50 years!

Here you can see video with unique fence production

Fence assembling

If you would like to order sectional fences, our specialists are ready to come to your object place for measuring operation, calculation in any convenient time for you. After concord on measuring and installation time our experts will deliver and make installation at the earliest possible date. Guarantee is given on executed work.